Writing & Editing

Writing projects to get done? Resumes, reports, letters, proposals, articles? Feeling lost or helpless? Don’t be.

No matter the topic of your article, book, dissertation, or report, Dr. Elena DeVos can help you write or edit it. Of course, all academic work must be completed by you, but Dr. DeVos can get you on track, teach you the process of writing, show you the next steps, and keep you on schedule. Once you have finished, she will edit your document so that it represents you in the best possible way.

College Apps

Whether you apply to college or graduate school, you know it’s your personal statement that defines you. You want admissions committees to see you, to understand what distinguishes you from other candidates, but you don’t want to brag. It’s a challenging task that requires writing with insight, finesse and balance. Without expert help, it’s difficult for you to see your uniqueness and even harder to get it down on paper. For over 20 years, Dr. DeVos has helped students write statements that set them apart from other applicants.


Improve your ability to write, speak, give presentations, run meetings, work collaboratively with others and use electronic etiquette.

We’ll customize seminars and workshops to your business or academic needs. Or choose from these popular favorites: Communications Boot Camp, Collaborative Communications, Run Meetings That Don’t Waste Time, Write Audit Reports That Get Action, and The Writing MAP©.

Grant Proposals

Could your non-profit organization use more funds?

Words@Work increases your odds for success in today’s stiff funding competitions. Uniquely leveraging experience in education and high-level writing skill, Dr. Elena DeVos submits grant proposals that get funded about 85 to 90% of the time. Use Dr. DeVos’ expertise to help you submit clear, intelligent proposals to governments, private foundations, and businesses.

Academic Coaching

Could your child be doing better in school?

Is he or she on track to a good college?

Do poor writing skills or study habits hold him or her back?

If you’re concerned about your child’s academic future, Dr. Elena DeVos can help. Dr. DeVos’ tutoring and study sessions transform students’ thinking abilities and writing skills.

Meetings & Focus G...

At times, organizational concerns are best viewed with the help of outsiders—a fresh pair of eyes that takes your perspective and keeps your group’s interests in sharp focus.

We help group members plan effective retreats and meetings. We plan and run focus groups. And we provide you with summaries of all information collected. In short, we work like extra, high-skill members of your staff.